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Welcome to the Open Source Project is a collaborative project execution application. It helps mid-size to large companies maximize the performance of their diverse portfolio of projects by improving the productivity of knowledge workers and decreasing time to market, while reducing costs.'s software addresses the needs of all corporate and project stakeholders - executives, portfolio managers, project managers, and team members - for current and accurate information on the status of important projects and the performance of distributed project teams. The application is a scalable, customizable Web-based product that facilitates project management, collaboration and execution across the enterprise. is free to use, but services such as support, customization and maintenance are available from Inc. as well. In addition, we have several hosted solutions to offer. Please go to for more information. 9.4

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  • 9.4.1 is the current release for those with Support Contracts
  • 9.2.5 is the current Open Source installation package
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